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1 August 2018
New Organizers needed to carry on the event
1 August 2018
Come learn more and ask questions about the process of running for Local Government Office. Read More...
1 August 2018
No Aquafit August 8

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Regional District Services

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The Village of Ashcroft is a member of the Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD). The TNRD provides a number of services to the entire region from their offices located in downtown Kamloops. In addition to building inspection, library, planning and recycling functions the TNRD has a very active film commission who have successfully had a number of productions filmed in Ashcroft and the immediate area. To access the TNRD website click here and to access the film commission website click here.

Ashcroft Library

The Ashcroft Library is operated by the TNRD.  There are different programs available for residents of Ashcroft including book and other media lending, internet access, and printing to name a few.  The Ashcroft Library also hosts a wealth of programs available to the public.  If you haven't used the Library before or even within the last 6 months, we suggest you drop by for a visit and we what is new and available to you.  Click here to go to the TNRD Ashcroft Website.

There are some fun activities for readers of all ages this summer, check the website for all of the details, but kids should check out this poster for the Motion Commotion Summer Reading Club.  Events take place right here in Ashcroft.

Cache Creek Landfill

The TNRD has assumed the operation of the transfer station located at the Cahce Creek Landfill.  Residents are still able to access the facility for recycling and disposal of refuse.  For a complete list of what is accepted at the tansfer station, follow the link below.  The transfer station is open to the public Wednesday through Saturday 11 am - 6 pm every week (excluding holidays). 

For certain items there is now a fee for disposal.  All fees must be paid using a pre-purchased ECO Card; payments using cash, credit or debit are not accepted at the transfer station.  Residents may purchase the ECO Card at the Village Office or from participating local retailers in Ashcroft. 

To view information about the Cache Creek Transfer Station, including: location, fees, and items accepted, please follow this link.

The TNRD and the Village of Ashcroft encourage residents to compost organic waste rather than send it off to the landfill in your household garbage.  30% of houshold waste is organic matter that can be composted.  Compost is a valueable resource used to enrich the soil and can be created in your own backyard!  Save money by creating your own compost rather than buying composted manure - by doing so you are also saving the planet.  Check out this link for more details to get you started.

Recycling Facilities

*** NOTICE *** The recycling depot on Railway Ave will be permanently closed as of September 1, 2018.  All residents will be required to transport their recycling to the Cache Creek Transfer Station in the period while a new permanent location for a recycling depot, on HWY 1, is identified and developed by the TNRD.

Residents are reminded that Village bylaws prohibit recyclable materials from being disposed of in residential garbage.  Any residential garbage bins found to contain recyclable materials will not be collected by Public Works staff. 

Recycling facilites are located on the south end of Railway Avenue beside Heritage Park. 

The recycling facility accepts the following materials:

* All printed paper including books
* Box Board (e.g. cereal boxes)
* Cardboard
* Plastic Bags (separate collection container)
* Plastics # 1 through 7
* Pulp board/Paper Fibre Products (e.g. coffee cup trays)

Beginning September 5, 2017, recylcling must be tossed into the bin loose, WITHOUT a blue plastic bag.  Plastic bags are to be recycled together in a separate recepticle available at the depot.  For more info, please click on this link.

You may also visit the Cache Creek Transfer Station to recycle the following items at no charge:

* Scrap Metal
* Glass
* Brush and Branches (less than 8" diameter)
* Propane Tanks
* Tires (must be off rims)

Used oil and oil filters are not accepted at the Cache Creek Transfer Station. 
Please bring it to one of the following nearby Eco-Depots or Transfer Stations at no charge:

* Clinton Eco-Depot
* Lower Nicola Eco-Depot
* Savona
* Spences Bridge

Web Mapping Services

Compost Bins

The TNRD provides compost bins for residet's backyards.  They provide them at a much reduced fee, $25.00 plus tax.  Residents wanting to purchase a compost bin are asked to come to the Village Office, or email admin@ livestream bóng đá , arrangements will be made for you to purchase and pick up your bin.